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Running with one Heart for Newborns

UpRace is inspirational community event. As an individual, you can join the Newborns team and donate an amount for every km you run. If you are a company, set up a team and all your team members can donate an amount of their choosing per km AND your company can match the donation amount or choose an amount per km. With each km you run, the UpRace sponsors will donate at least 1,000 vnd to one of three Social Organisations. These 3 Social Organizations, including Newborns Vietnam, will receive fund-raising money from runners and sponsors, converted from the recorded running distance.

UpRace 2020 was a phenomenal success, with 32,000 runners taking part, over 3 million km ran over 26 days and over 1.5 billion vnd raised for Newborns! We were grateful to witness great community spirit, pride and happiness. UpRace 2021 is coming soon, so join the Newborns team or enter a company team. UpRace have built a platform for healthy communities, happy runners and a way to support Newborns and other causes that are close to our hearts.

So, Newborns supporters all around the world, put your running shoes on and join your friends, family and colleagues to make our dreams a reality. We all have a role to play to in saving newborn lives and creating a better society.