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The challenge for Vietnam, as a middle-income country, is strengthening existing hospital-based care, this is the most effective way of saving newborn lives. In high-income settings, access to high-quality care is nearly universal, in middle-income countries, coverage, access and quality of care can vary.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has identified the lack of specialist doctors as a major factor in why neonatal care remains poor, only 10% of doctors are specialists. The other factors are there is no specialist training for nurses in neonatal care, limited training for provincial hospitals and no safe transport.

Outside of high-income settings, there are almost no specialist neonatal training programmes for doctors and nurses.

Disability is greatest in middle-income countries, where neonatal care is being scaled up without due attention to the quality of care provided. There are many constraints related to the very low levels of staffing, poorly equipped units and a lack of specialist training, specific knowledge and competencies in assessing and managing small and sick newborns.


The focus of our work is addressing the deficit of specialist neonatal medical and nursing education to strengthen hospital-based intensive care, this ranges from training to get the simple basics right for every baby to post graduate level.

The programmes we develop are often the first of their kind and serve as pilots to identify what works, evidenced by the impact of the intervention on key newborn outcomes before being adapted for replication within the national training system.

Newborns Vietnam is supporting a programme of activities to develop safe and consistent care for newborn infants across Vietnam.


  • 01

    Supporting the Ministry of Health review of the Vietnamese medical education system with an emphasis on supervised post graduate training

  • 02

    Development of a neonatal/newborn nursing foundation training module

  • 03

    A reorganisation of newborn services based on the UK/European experience of introducing a managed network system and safe transport system

  • 04

    Neonatal post graduate training Level 1 and 2

  • 05

    Neonatal nurse training – a train-the-trainer model

  • 06

    Recognising and managing the sick newborn training package, for 25 general hospitals in Hanoi and 29 provinces in north Vietnam

  • 07

    Newborn Life Support training – establishing a national resuscitation council