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04 August 2022

Together, we can save newborn lives – will you join us?

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Only 2 days to go to our Swim Gala 2022! To join us for the Minigame “Predict the Champion” who will be the mystery winner among 6 excellent swim teams Empire City, GawNP Capital, VNG Embracing Challenges, Nutifood, Seedcom & Friends and AVASport.

05 Newborns Vietnam sport T-shirts will be gifted to 05 talented predictors.

Start: 3.00 pm August 4th, 2022
End: 3.00 pm August 6th, 2022

Please comment your selection on the post on Newborns Vietnam Fanpage HERE as below:
[Name of the team that you chose]_[number of people whose answers are same as yours]
Example: If you rpedict that Empire City team will be the champion and 123 people have the correct answers, please comment as below:
Empire City_123

🏊‍♂️ GawNP Capital team has more young swimmers than the other teams. Minh, 10 years old, from GawNP Capital is the youngest swimmer taking part in the competition this year. Interestingly, Khang, 14 years old, who made an impressive record last year, 1100m in 20 minutes, will join the race. In addition, there are other outstanding members, Nhan, Tin, Long, Tri who have participated in professional tournaments such as the IRONMAN, water polo tournament.

🏊‍♂️ The VNG Embracing Challenges team is also a formidable competitor. A female Swimmer of VNG Embracing Challenges team , Chi Nguyen, practices swimming from 2 to 3 km every day, she has completed 5 km continuously. VNG Embracing Challenges team also has an extra advantage of having a swimming pool in their campus and all swimmers practice hard together everyday.

🏊‍♂️ AVASport team is one of promising teams for this year’s championship. The swimmers of are quite diverse, the youngest swimmer is only 11 years old and the oldest one is more than 50 years old. No matter how old they are, all swimmers of AVASport team are skillful, not inferior to professional athletes. In particular, their “strong swimmer” Lam Quang Nhat who has won 2 the gold medal sand 1 silver medal at SEA Game. Nhat is also the brand ambassador of AVASport.

🏊‍♂️ This year Nutifood team will bring a fascinating surprise to the competition. In previous years, they normally formed all-male team, but at Swim Gala 2022, Nutifood team will introduce 8 female members. This is also the first time these female swimmers have participated in a swimming competition and everyone is very determined to swim as long as possible and contribute more to Newborns Vietnam.

🏊‍♂️ Seedcom & Friends team is an inspired team. Their swimmers have not practiced for a long time, but because of the competition this year, all of them determinedly restart their own energy to practice again. Their starter is Mr. Tien, their representative to join the CEO Race is Mr. Duy, and some other swimmers of the Seedcom & Friends team have participated in IRONMAN, so the Seedcom & Friends could be the surprise element of Swim gala 2022.

🏊‍♂️ The last faces is also the home team, Empire City, comprising enthusiastic individuals from a wide range of companies living in Empire City. This is their first time at our Swim Gala. Therefore, this will be an interesting mystery that organisers will reveal on August 6, 2022.

🔥🔥🔥 Let’s turn up the heat and cheer for your favourite swim team by leaving meaningful messages.

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