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May 2021

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On 15th May, Newborns celebrated International Kangaroo Mother Care Awareness Day 2021, a global event celebrated around the world every year by organisations, health professionals and parents.


Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is the practice of providing continuous skin to skin contact between mum and baby along with exclusive breastmilk feeding which can result in early discharge from hospital. KMC is hugely important for babies born premature and is an effective way to meet their needs for warmth, nutrition and to protect them from infection.


Unfortunately, only a small number of newborns currently benefit from this life saving technique, which is why we are determined to spread the word about its importance. Over the last few years Newborns is proud to have introduced Kangaroo Mother Care to our doctors, nurses and parents and we opened a specially designated Kangaroo Mother Care department in Phu San Hanoi Hospital in 2020.


Kangaroo Mother Care is an essential intervention that keeps babies safe while they bond with their mothers and is extremely cost effective, especially when compared to an incubator. However, it is not completely without cost, so if you would like to help us fund vital practices like KMC, please get in touch at info@newbornsvietnam.org.

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