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June 2021

Together, we can save newborn lives – will you join us?

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Newborns is excited to announce the provision of lifesaving equipment to Moc Chau General Hospital made possible by a grant from the British Chamber of Commerce (BritCham).


Last month, Newborns was the proud recipient of the Impactful Charity Award from the BritCham and now, thanks to them, as soon as Covid-19 restrictions allow, two Infant Warmers and three Phototherapy Units will be on their way to Moc Chau General Hospital as part of our three year project with Son La Province. The hospital urgently needs more basic equipment and Infant Warmers and Phototherapy Units are hugely important tools that treat hypothermia and hyperbilirubinemia respectively as well as providing accurate, prompt results which lead to safer, healthier babies.


Unfortunately due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are currently unable to organise any in person training, but to ensure there is no delay in the use of these vital pieces of equipment, we will be providing videos and online training sessions to instruct the doctors and nurses on how to use their new tools, with a follow up when travel is possible.


The programme we have started in Son La Province has been made possible by the fantastic sponsorship from Topas Travel, Vietnam Trail Marathon and the British Chamber of Commerce, the contributions from Alive and Thrive, as well as the help and support from the Son La Province People’s Committee, Son La Province Department of Health, Department of Foreign Affairs, and Moc Chau District People’s Committee. We would like to thank you all and we could not be happier to see these first important steps in what we are sure will be a great journey together.

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