What We Do

Newborns Vietnam provides bespoke neonatal nursing education programmes to support enhanced neonatal outcomes by developing the knowledge, skills and practice of neonatal nurses. Our programmes are developed in partnership with British higher education institutions and teaching hospitals and local health providers and medical training colleges. Through an exchange of knowledge and skills these partnerships enable our local partners to extend their body of knowledge and capacity to develop neonatal nursing education in the future.

Our programmes are designed to meet local need, take account of prior education, current practice and availability of resources. The aim is to develop competent, confident skilled nurses whose enhanced knowledge and skills will directly contribute to reducing neonatal mortality and morbidity.

We improve access to and quality of newborn care in the poorest rural areas by providing training for nurse educators to upskill front line health workers to do basic life saving interventions well for every baby.
We provide equipment to support the delivery of enhanced newborn care at regional referral hospitals.

Make a Difference