Final Day 2018 Cycle a Difference

A rain storm was not a great start to the final day, 177 km and 2,600 m of climbing, it was cold and wet for the first half of the day, with tired legs and adverse weather our valiant cyclists kept going. The warmth of the welcome as they crossed the finish line in Mai Chau was an emotional moment as riders embraced each other. Suzanna Lubran, Executive Director, Newborns Vietnam congratulated the cyclists gave the welcome address:

‘Over the past four days you have given your all to complete a tough challenge,you have all pushed yourselves to the limits of your endurance, you have been cold and tired and aching in a million places. You have experienced team spirit, the helping hand, the joy of riding in together at the end of the day united, relieved and proud. It is always humbling to see you all toil up mountains to support our work to give the gift of life to more parents.

Dr Judith Meek, Consultant Neonatologist, University College Hospital London and Mr Ha Van Liem, Deputy Manager, Mai Chau Lodge presented medals – a badge of courage to the intrepid cyclists and the support team.

Newborns Vietnam would like to thank Premier Oil for sponsoring the ride and to say a special thank you to Mai Chau Lodge for a wonderful welcome and finale celebration.

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