Progress in reducing neonatal mortality over the past 20 years
has been slow

The newborn health gap between rich and poor countries remains unacceptably high. Today, worldwide newborn deaths account for nearly 41% of all deaths in children under-five. Making survival a reality for millions of babies is a global burden, progress is being made but investment is not yet commensurate with the staggeringly high number of deaths.

Around 2.955 million babies a year die in the first four weeks of life. The first week is the riskiest, and at least a million die on their very first day. Prematurity is the leading direct cause of deaths worldwide and globally accounts for more than a million deaths each year.

Newborns are so very fragile; the smallest, sickest babies need special care. Our work supports the advancement of neonatal intensive care in Vietnam. The goal is to start to close the gap between developing and developed world standards of newborn care. To do this we must address the critical shortage of nurses, trained health workers and basic specialist lifesaving equipment.

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Singing to Save Babies

Survive to Thrive – A Candlelit Celebration of words and music from darkness to light. In November 2010, St Martin’s-in-the-Fields hosted a choral concert organised by leading members of the British property and construction industry to raise funds for lifesaving equipment for the new neonatal intensive care unit at the Da Nang Hospital for Women […]

Dr Liz Crathern – Warmth and Nutrition – meeting the infants basic needs

I am one of the neonatal lecturers on the Newborns Vietnam neonatal nurse training programme and have been privileged to be teaching the nurses about a wide range of neonatal issues, including keeping babies warm and developing sucking ability for breast feeding.

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