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1 – background

The pilot Hanoi Neonatal Network is a collaboration of 9 Hospitals in Hanoi, they provide maternity services, newborn care and specialist intensive care for preterm and sick babies. The logo represents all 9 Hospitals.

The 9 Network Hospitals:

  • Vietnam National Children’s Hospital
  • Phu San Hanoi (Hanoi Obstetrics & Gynecology Hospital)
  • St Paul Hospital
  • Duc Giang General Hospital
  • Dong Anh General Hospital
  • Soc Son General Hospital
  • Bac Thang Long Hospital
  • Gia Lam District General Hospital
  • Hoai Duc District General Hospital

The brand is the Hanoi Neonatal Network (HNN), ideally the logo should evoke the ‘Network Patient Promise’.

The Promise:

  • An enjoyable birthing experience
  • Clean, safe and pleasant environment
  • Appropriate facilities and equipment
  • Professional friendly and supportive staff
  • Family members happy with care and access/visiting

The design should be simple visually appealing and capture one or more of the following:

  • Hospital collaboration
  • Partnership
  • Mothers and babies
  • Optimism/Joy
  • Professionalism
2 – logo usage

The primary uses for the logo could be as follows:
2.1 as logo for the pilot neonatal network website
2.2 as logo for the pilot Hanoi Neonatal Network documents, including the annual report
2.3 as signage on specialist neonatal ambulance(s)
2.4 on items of clothing/hats for babies

Secondary uses are:
2.5 as signage on a building – think sign on entrance to maternity or newborn unit
2.2 on Newborns Vietnam and Hospital T-shirts for PR events

3 - Colour Parameters

3.1 Because of its multi-function use, the logo should be able to be used on coloured backgrounds, not just white backgrounds

4 – Text and Variants

4.1 The brand name is “Mạng lưới Sơ sinh Hà Nội (should be in Vietnamese only)
4.2 It has a subsidiary strap-line ‘chăm sóc yêu thương dành cho mọi bà mẹ và trẻ sơ sinh’ (should be in Vietnamese only)
4.3 Ideally the logo should be able to be used with or without the strap-line

5 – awards

*   All winners will receive Newborns Vietnam and Hospitals certificate of merit.
** Hotel voucher will be valid for 06 months from the date issued.

6 – rules

submission details

Email Subject HNN Logo Competition_Full Name
Ex: HNN Logo Competition_Nguyen Van A
File Format PDF
With full contact information (your name, email and phone number) and designs and variants
Submit To info@purpleasia.com
  • All submissions will receive an email acknowledgement of receipt of the entry
  • The competition is not open to directors of the 9 hospitals , employees or family members of Purple Asia or Newborns Vietnam
  • The entries will judged by the Chief Executive of Purple Asia, a Director or representative of the Hanoi Department of Health, Phu San Hanoi Hospital and and Phoebe Spurr, Programme Manager/Health Advisor, British Embassy, Hanoi
  • The decision of the judges is final and binding, all participants will be notified on the 25th September 2020
  • The official announcement will be made at the launch of the pilot Hanoi Neonatal network week beginning 28th September, the exact date to be confirmed subject to COVID-19 situation
  • Newborns Vietnam, the Hanoi Department of Health and the Hospitals reserve the right to determine the use of the logo
  • Copyright of the logo to be assigned to and exclusively owned by Newborns Vietnam and/or the Hanoi Department of Health

Participant’s agreement:

In submitting an entry I agree to be bound by the competition rules and if my entry is selected to acknowledge the copyright ownership of Newborns Vietnam and/or the Hanoi Department of Health, to assign the copyright to Newborns Vietnam and/or the Hanoi Department of Health, and to perform/execute any acts/documents required for the establishment/registration of the copyright/copyright assignment.

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