Baby Hang

Baby Hang was born at 40 weeks, weighing 3,000 grams in a district health centre more than 100 miles from the Da Nang NICU. At birth she did not breathe. Hang is a lucky baby because she and her mother were looked after by a birth attendant and nurse who had participated in basic training in newborn care, including how to recognise the symptoms of asphyxia and the importance of taking immediate action. Although Hang was breathing, her colour and respiration rate were not good. The centre had only basic facilities so she was transferred to Da Nang Women & Children’s Hospital neonatal unit. She was transferred to the hospital by ambulance with some oxygen given through a balloon, on arrival her condition had deteriorated and her mother was afraid she had died. She was put on a Continuous Positive Pressure Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and settled in an infant warming bed, after five days Hang was transferred to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) and looked after by her mother.

“I was so scared when she was born, she did not cry. The nurse knew how to help my baby. At the HDU I was supported to breastfeed my daughter and help her get stronger. I could feel her heartbeat and my body kept her warm and she could know my love.”

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