Our Work in Da Nang

Newborns Vietnam is supporting Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children, a regional neonatal referral facility for neonatal care in central Vietnam. This is a long-term partnership to reduce neonatal mortality and minimise morbidities among infants who survive from neonatal intensive care.

The partnership’s aim is to build the capacity of the Da Nang neonatal intensive care unit to provide enhanced care for pre term and sick newborns. The provision of higher impact facility-based care is dependent on nurses and other professionals with appropriate skills and training. It is recognised worldwide that nursing skill and knowledge are critical to neonates’ survival. Research demonstrates that when nurses have received specialist educational input, this enhanced educational background is correlated with survival within neonatal care.

Newborn care is not optimal. The critical shortage of nurses, and limited knowledge, are major factors in why the mortality rate remains high. Currently nurses undertake accredited nurse education, which has no neonatal component. For nurses working on neonatal intensive care units, there is no recognised specialist education. Currently, individuals develop specialist knowledge by ‘tacit sharing of experience and understanding’, which results in the perpetuation of limited knowledge.

To address this critical need Newborns Vietnam, Da Nang Department of Health, Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children and Da Nang National Technical College of Medicine No 2 in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University (UK) has developed a bespoke neonatal nurse training programme. The programme will support improvements in neonatal nursing care, contribute to enhanced health outcomes for newborns, and lay the foundation for the establishment of a national training programme for neonatal nurses in Vietnam and potential dissemination as a proven model to other south east Asian countries. The programme’s first training course commenced in March 2013 – click here to read more.

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