Neonatal Nurse Training

In Vietnam there is no neonatal specialist training within nurse education. It is recognised worldwide that nursing skill and knowledge are critical to neonates’ survival.

Our training programme addresses the deficit in the knowledge and skills of local nurses who receive no formal specialist education in neonatal care. 

The programme is taught by Canterbury Christ Church University, the level of the taught component is UK Higher & Further Education Qualification Framework Level 4. The curriculum content is based on the UK Qualification in Speciality Knowledge and Skills Framework and adapted to meet the local context. The training is competency based and links theory with practice.

The Ministry of Health approved a pilot programme at the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children in 2013, the first course commenced in March 2013 and the first nurses graduated in August 2014. Further courses are providing training for nurses working within the provincial hospital neonatal intensive care units in central Vietnam.

Since the completion of the training nurses have developed the skills to assess the needs of the baby, to identify realistic goals, plan the care required and to ensure that interventions are carried out safely and are appropriate for that particular baby. Care has changed significantly in three years and has come a long way from care that impeded rather than aided recovery. To read more about the impact of the nurse education training on practice and outcomes – click or put a link the attached pdf should be in reports so this where you would make the link go to.

Our focus is to establish a national training programme for neonatal nurses in Vietnam. Wider implementation of our nurse education model will potentially lead to improved outcomes of pre term and sick babies born in Vietnam.  We are training more nurses in more hospitals every year.

Neonatal Nurse Practice Educators

The neonatal Practice Educator Training Course built on the outcomes of the Neonatal Nurse Training.  The aim is to develop Practice Educators at regional hospitals who have the knowledge and skills to teach basic neonatal interventions to junior staff in a range of practice settings e.g. district and provincial hospitals, to support the delivery of safe standards within basic neonatal care.  Each of the neonatal nurses are required to produce learning resources and to pass a summative teaching assessment on a self-selected topic for each of the five key areas of basic neonatal care. In order to successfully achieve this and to promote sustainability, the Practice Educators Training Course is taught by Canterbury Christ Church University and supported by our local University partner.

Nurse Volunteer Programme

The programme objective is to consolidate neonatal nurses’ new knowledge and skills from the nurse training programme in the daily care of the babies. 

Experienced UK neonatal nurses support the nurses to integrate theory and practice, develop and implement nursing guidelines, carry out observations, close monitoring and charting of vital signs that support good practice and the development of more baby focused care. 

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