Our Programmes

Saving Newborns Lives

Newborns Vietnam’s first programme was a partnership with Da Nang Department of Health, Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children to build the hospital’s capacity to care for pre term and sick newborns and to develop the neonatal intensive care unit as a centre of regional excellence. In the first four years our comprehensive nurse training and medical educationprogramme has reduced neonatal mortality by two thirds.

We believe our work to strengthen hospital provision of neonatal intensive care is the most effective approach to saving the lives of small and sick newborns.  There is a global nursing shortage but for small and sick newborns in middle income countries, there is a critical human resource gap, as there are almost no formal neonatal nurse training programmes. Together with the lack of structured post qualification training for junior doctors, neonatal intensive care is not optimal and many babies die.  To improve neonatal intensive care outcomes staffing levels need to increase and nurses and doctors need to undertake specialist training, supported by on going resources to enable them give consistently good care.

A Comprehensive Model Of Neonatal Care

Newborns Vietnam provides structured specialist training to support national, regional, provincial and district hospitals in Vietnam to improve the care available to pre term and sick newborn infants. Many newborn babies in Vietnam die even after admission to regional neonatal intensive care units. Lack of specialist training for neonatal nurses and post qualification training for junior doctors is a major contributory factor. For a short video giving an overview of our work, click here.

Our programme has five basic components:

·      Specialist training for neonatal nurses

·      Training the trainer model – nurse practice educators

·      Post qualification training for junior doctors

·      Infection prevention and intervention

·      Provision of basic equipment and improved facilities


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