No Lunch on Wednesdays

This is a very simple idea to raise funds for basic equipment or to sponsor a nurse. The average person spends around £5 per a day on lunch and coffees.

How about making your own lunch and going without the coffees every Wednesday for six months? You could donate £130.

This would fund a nurse’s salary for a whole month.

Encourage others in your office to join in, Lunch a Difference with ten friends or colleagues and you could donate £1,300! The difference this money would make is phenomenal. Click here to download your Lunch a Difference donation record form, which you could also use as a poster in your office kitchen to keep track of your progress and promote the cause.

Many basic items of equipment cost between £1,000 and £1,400. Your donation could provide the NICU with:

A syringe pump
An infusion
A Vietnamese made infant warmer
A Vietnamese made Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine (CPAP)

Alternatively, £1,300 could pay a nurse’s salary for 11 months, saving hundreds of newborn lives.

Make a Difference