Phuong Nguyen Racing At Ironman 70.30 – World Championship

Phuong Nguyen is inspired to race at the Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Australia in September to raise funds for Newborns Vietnam.  This is his story, 9 months ago, he was telling himself that he needed to do something meaningful and challenging. He bought a bicycle and started cycling to the Red River, swimming and running.  This idea took him to the Ironman 70.3 in Da Nang. He was the fastest Vietnamese male finisher, 5hours and 42 minutes and he won a place at the World Championship. He was inspired by the great spirit of the Ironman athletes to give back to society.  Phuong feels lucky to have good health and a lovely family, he wants to make a difference, for him every great challengestarts with single step, his is to support Newborns Vietnam to save lives.

Phuong has challenged himself to that during his training he will donate 1,000 VND for each km he cycles, 2,000, for each km he runs and 3,000 for each km he swims. Phuong has invited all his fellow athletes, friends and colleagues to support him – you can do this by making a donation on his Just Giving Page


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