Neurodevelopmental Assessment

The care given at birth and immediately after is a determining factor in survival and long term health outcomes of pre term, low birth weight and sick newborns. Impaired neurodevelopmental outcome is a major long-term complication of surviving pre term/low birth weight and sick infants. Neurodevelopmental screening with a neurological examination is important at key stages to assess the impact of birth conditions for impact on later health. 

To fully assess the impact of improved neonatal care at Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children on outcomes and to identify the longer term developmental outcomes, Dr Amanda Bennett, Community Consultant Paediatrician, Wirral University Teaching Hospital joined our team for six weeks to help set a follow up clinic to provide support and ongoing checks ups for babies after discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. She trained doctors nurses to carry out neurodevelopmental screening and examination using the Bayleys infant neurodevelopmental screener.  

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