Direct Aid Program (DAP) grant funded by the Australian Government

We were delighted to be awarded a The Direct Aid Program (DAP) grant funded by the Australian Government.  The grant was awarded to provide 10 Neopuffs for the Da Nang Hospital for Women & Children’s neonatal intensive care unit. A Neopuff is a device that has been developed to overcome the limitations of the resuscitation bag.  Devices like this are now standard in neonatal units in the developed world and are used for resuscitation at the time of birth as well as for ongoing management of babies in the neonatal unit.  Neopuff allows close control of inspiratory pressure, length of time of breath and applies a constant end expiratory pressure.  The device is very effective and the close control minimises the potential damage to the lungs of babies born too soon, too small and too sick. This is another step on the way to support improvements in care.

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