Neonatal Nurse Training Programme – Learning for Life – Commenced in March 2013

Big challenges remain in the global quest to reduce neonatal mortality the worldwide health worker crisis is the biggest factor in the deaths of mothers and babies.

Many of the sickest newborns would survive if experienced neonatal nurses cared for them, but these are in short supply. Well-trained neonatal nurses are essential if the Da Nang NICU is to make sustainable reductions in newborn deaths and to develop its role as a regional centre of excellence and improve newborn care across the region.

Canterbury Christ Church University carried out a nurse education assessment in Da Nang in March 2012 , the review identified that nurses lacked the necessary knowledge to support effective neonatal practice. The review provided the basis for the Da Nang partners to address the skills deficit and for Canterbury Christ Church University to formulate a curriculum suitable for the local context. This is a bespoke course for qualified nurses working within the neonatal intensive care unit. It will be taught by Canterbury Christ Church University over an eighteen-month period. The wider aim is to develop a teaching model that can be replicated across Vietnam and other countries with a high neonatal mortality rates.

The key themes within the course relate directly to increasing the nurses understanding of the unique anatomy and physiology of vulnerable newborns, developing knowledge and practical skills to deliver nursing interventions that support recovery or ameliorate disease process in the newborn.

The Course

The course aims are to support the development of:

• enhancement of local neonatal outcomes by developing their knowledge and skills,

• the nurses’ specialist knowledge to assess and monitor the neonates requiring neonatal care,

• the nurses’ use of knowledge of the neonate’s unique anatomy and physiology to rationalise and plan nursing interventions which minimise harm and maximise benefit for the neonate and family,

• the nurses’ practical competence in neonatal nursing care (from resuscitation at birth to discharge or death, initiating immediate action where required), and

• the nurses’ ability to evaluate nursing interventions for effectiveness, working collaboratively within the neonatal team with other professionals.

The benchmark standards for neonatal care are embedded in the taught content and In order to ensure integration of theory and practice, delivery of theory within the academic environment is supported by practical sessions within the NICU each day. These will support the creation of the required infrastructure for expected standards of nursing care, as during the course the Canterbury Christ Church Univerity team will assist the Da Nang nursing and medical team to develop neonatal nursing guidelines.

Making Vietnam’s First Neonatal Nurse Training A Reality

Over the years neonatal teams in the UK have made a significant contribution to the international body of knowledge, and babies from right across the world have benefitted. We have a unique opportunity to help Vietnam develop neonatal nurse training, trained nurses are essential to the advancement of neonatal care and a sustainable reduction in newborn deaths.

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