Kangaroo Mother Care & Breastfeeding Programme

Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) is one of the key low cost interventions at the Da Nang neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and is actively promoted and encouraged. The unit would like to provide more support to KMC mothers and increase the take up of breastfeeding but the critical shortage of appropriately trained nurses means there is little time to support mothers and no home follow up. KMC is most successful if it is combined with exclusive breastfeeding and many mothers need considerable support to initiate and sustain breastfeeding.

Increasing the take up of breastfeeding and Kangaroo Mother Care

There are 8 KMC beds in the NICU and a further 28 beds for mother and stable babies in the High Dependency Unit (HDU). The take up of breastfeeding is very low, the highest take up is amongst poor rural women and the lowest middle income urban mothers.

To increase the benefits of KMC care and the uptake of breastfeeding the unit needs; dedicated Kangaroo Mother Care and breastfeeding nurse/mother educators, simple education materials and home support.

Follow up is often difficult as many families are poor and come from far away, so it is very important to give the family information about the special needs of their baby and help build their confidence to put into practice good hygiene at home for mother and baby.

The unit would benefit hugely from 10 dedicated trained KMC/breastfeeding nurses with the capacity to support and teach mothers, these nurses would:
• help mothers initiate breastfeeding within half an hour of birth,
• show mothers how to breastfeed and maintain lactation even if they are separated from their infant,
• support all mothers to successfully implement KMC and to adopt the correct position,
• give advice and support on how to manage KMC if baby requires low level ventilation (CPAP),
• provide advice on the general care of infant, core care, hygiene and care at home in preparation for discharge, and
• home visits to provide support and to check weight gain, development and general hygiene.

Kangaroo Mother Care & Breastfeeding – 2 Year Pilot Programme

The aim of the programme is to increase the neonatal survival rate for stable low birth weight babies through Kangaroo Mother Care, increased exclusive breastfeeding mother baby bonding and parent education, combined with follow up home support for 6 months from discharge for 100% of KMC NICU families and 10% of HDU mothers.

Sponsor the Da Nang NICU Kangaroo Mother Care Programme

We are seeking grants and sponsors for the 2 year Kangaroo Mother Care/Breastfeeding programme for full details of the programme contact info@newbornsvietnam.org

10 full time KMC nurses, education materials and home visits – £33,000.

Or sponsor a single KMC nurse for a year at £1,488

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