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World renowned architects each with their own distinctive style have created these beautiful original designs for Newborns Vietnam using their creativity to interpret the ‘spirit of the newborn’ and the ‘challenge for survival’.

Mother Baby Bond
Walter Menteth Architect’s work is sustainable and ecologically benevolent appropriate, and cost effective. It achieves cohesive, inspiring design that delivers function, distinction and delight beyond expectation.

As a trustee of Newborns Vietnam I am touched by the emotional nature of not just our work in Vietnam but the whole global effort to raise awareness of newborn deaths. The simple image I have created portrays the bond between mother and child. Of all the attributes that define us as human beings the bond between a mother and her baby is the most fundamental. In many countries the birth of a baby is not a wonderful joyous celebration, it is a time of great risk and sadly survival is about where in the world the baby is born.
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Many Hands
Broadway Malyan has supported the development of Da Nang neonatal intensive care unit from its inception in 2009. We are delighted to continue that support and use our creative energy to develop Many Hands’ a visual image that emodies Newborns Vietnam mission of surviving to thrive. Our inspiration was drawn from – “ many hands are needed to create a thing of beauty, many hands make light work” – newborns need many hands to care for them”.

Broadway Malyan is an award winning international practice of architects, urbanists and designers. From Sao Paulo to Shanghai, we have a global reach across 15 world centres, and over the last 50 years grown the practice into a design leader of sustainable built environments. We have a genuine commitment to the task of making built environments that enrich people’s lives and believe in the responsibility of designing with the future of others in mind. We also consider the whole life of developments and their implications at a local and global scale, whilst acknowledging the importance of collaboration in order to deliver sustainable solutions.
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The Protective Mother
Eric established Eric Parry Architects in 1983 it is an award winning practice with a portfolio of notable work. Under Eric’s leadership, the practice has developed a reputation for delivering beautifully crafted and well-considered buildings that respond to their context. London has been the focus and the setting for most of his work. He was elected Royal Academician (RA) in 2006.

Eric comments: “Since my childhood I’ve made visits to zoos to draw animals. Whipsnade Zoo, a fine park setting outside London, is home to a small herd of the endangered white rhino. I was deeply moved by the protective mother and her young calf. These beautiful animals are like all of us who share the planet, a miracle of creation and a reminder of the fragility and preciousness of life.”
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